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What is GRC?

Origin, Purpose and Commitment of the Conferences

The Gordon Research Conferences were initiated by Dr. Neil E. Gordon, of the Johns Hopkins University, who recognized in the late 1920s the difficulty in establishing good, direct communication between scientists, whether working in the same subject area or in interdisciplinary research. The Gordon Research Conferences promote discussions and the free exchange of ideas at the research frontiers of the biological, chemical and physical sciences. Scientists with common professional interests come together for a full week of intense discussion and examination of the most advanced aspects of their field. These Conferences provide a valuable means of disseminating information and ideas in a way that cannot be achieved through the usual channels of communication - publications and presentations at large scientific meetings.

Admission Qualifications

Each Conference operates relatively autonomously with each Conference Chair being completely responsible for the content and conduct of the meeting as well as the selection of discussion leaders, speakers and attendees. The primary criteria for attendance at a Conference are scientific accomplishment and, implicitly, the commitment to participate actively and meaningfully in the discussions. Gordon Research Conferences will not discriminate against any individual based on that person's race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.

Conference Format

Normally, lectures are held in the morning and evening. Almost all Gordon Research Conferences begin on a Sunday evening and run through Thursday evening. Afternoons are available for informal participation in discussion, reading or recreation, as individuals desire.

To encourage open communication, each member of a Conference agrees that any information presented at a Gordon Research Conference, whether in a formal talk, poster session, or discussion, is a private communication from the individual making the contribution and is presented with the restriction that such information is not for public use. The recording of lectures by any means, the photography of slide or poster material, and printed reference to Gordon Research Conferences papers and discussion is prohibited. Scientific publications are not to be prepared as emanating from the Conferences. Authors are requested to omit references to the Conferences in any publication. Guests are not permitted to attend the Conference lectures and discussion sessions. Each member of a Conference acknowledges and agrees to these restrictions when registration is accepted and as a condition of being permitted to attend a Conference. Although Gordon Research Conference staff will take reasonable steps to enforce the restrictions against recording and photographing Conference presentations, each member of a Conference assumes sole responsibility for the protection and preservation of any intellectual property rights in such member's contributions to a Conference.

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