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Polymer Physics
General Info
Status: Active
Discipline: Physical
Initial Year: 1969
Cycle: 24 Months
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Conference Description
One of the longest running Gordon Conferences, the Polymer Physics program addresses current issues in macromolecular science and engineering covering a wide range of topics with a balanced approach that integrates theory and experiment. Recent examples of conference subjects include: the thermodynamics of polymers in solution and in the bulk state; block copolymer statistical mechanics and dynamics including self assembly into dispersions and ordering in the undiluted state; the physics of polymeric glasses and the consequences of confinement on the glass transition temperature; polymer crystallization; the rheology and processing of polymer blends, solutions and block copolymers; fabrication of nanoscale polymer structures for use in electronic and optical media; polyelectrolytes and biologically active macromolecules; viscoelasticity; composites and foams; optically and electrically active polymers; surfaces, thin films, adhesion and lubrication.

The Polymer Physics Gordon Conference draws attendees from a variety of academic, industrial, and government facilities with representation from physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, material science and engineering, and other technical fields.

A Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) is held in conjunction with this Conference. Click here for more information about the associated GRS.
Meeting History
YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2016 Polymer Physics Jul 24-29 Mount Holyoke College Richard A. Register
2014 Polymer Physics
New Developments in Polymer Dynamics, Crystallization, Self-Assembly, and Interface/Confinement Effects
Jul 13-18 Mount Holyoke College Sindee Simon
2012 Polymer Physics Jul 22-27 Mount Holyoke College Scott T. Milner
2010 Polymer Physics Jun 27 - Jul 2 Mount Holyoke College Karen I. Winey
2008 Polymer Physics Jun 29 - Jul 4 Salve Regina University Jane E. Lipson
2006 Polymer Physics Jul 23-28 Connecticut College Frank S. Bates
2004 Polymer Physics Aug 1-6 Connecticut College Mark D. Ediger
2002 Polymer Physics Aug 11-16 Salve Regina University Murugappan Muthukumar
2000 Polymer Physics Jul 29 - Aug 3 Connecticut College Timothy Lodge
1998 Polymer Physics Aug 16-21 Salve Regina University Edwin L. Thomas
1996 Polymer Physics Jul 14-19 Salve Regina University Karl Freed
1994 Polymer Physics Jul 31 - Aug 5 Salve Regina University Charles C. Han
1992 Polymer Physics Aug 3-7 Salve Regina University Dale S. Pearson
1990 Polymer Physics Jul 16-20 Salve Regina University Edward J. Kramer
1988 Polymer Physics Jul 18-22 Proctor Academy William W. Graessley
1986 Polymer Physics Jul 14-18 Proctor Academy Hyuk Yu
1984 Polymer Physics Jul 16-20 Proctor Academy Edmund A. Dimarzio
1982 Polymer Physics Jul 19-23 Proctor Academy John D. Ferry
Walter H. Stockmayer
1980 Polymer Physics Jun 23-27 New Hampton School Richard S. Stein
1978 Polymer Physics Jun 19-23 New Hampton School Eugene Helfand
1976 Polymer Physics Jun 21-25 Proctor Academy Fraser P. Price
1974 Polymer Physics Jun 24-28 Proctor Academy Stephen Prager
1972 Polymer Physics Jun 26-30 Proctor Academy Anton Peterlin
1970 Polymer Physics Jul 13-17 Proctor Academy Robert S. Marvin
1969 Polymer Physics Jun 9-13 Proctor Academy John D. Hoffman
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