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Radiation Oncology
General Info
Status: Inactive
Discipline: Biological
Initial Year: 1997
Cycle: 24 Months
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Conference Description
This Conference does not currently have a description.
Meeting History
YearMeeting NameDatesConference SiteChair(s)
2010 Radiation Oncology
Translating Scientific Breakthroughs to the Radiation Oncology Patient
Jan 24-29 Hotel Galvez William F. Morgan
2008 Radiation Oncology
Understanding the DNA Damage Response to Optimize Radiation Therapy
Jan 27 - Feb 1 Ventura Beach Marriott Simon N. Powell
2005 Radiation Oncology Jan 30 - Feb 4 Crowne Plaza Elizabeth L. Travis
2003 Radiation Oncology Jan 26-31 Crowne Plaza Zvi Fuks
2001 Radiation Oncology Jan 28 - Feb 2 Crowne Plaza John B. Little
1999 Radiation Oncology Jan 31 - Feb 5 Ventura Beach Marriott C. Norman Coleman
1997 Radiation Oncology Jun 29 - Jul 4 Plymouth State College J. Martin Brown
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