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Past Meetings (1988)
The following meetings took place in 1988. The meeting list can be sorted by conference name, date, or location by clicking on the appropriate column heading. The list can also be narrowed down in different ways by selecting one of the tabs below. Click on a meeting name (where available) to view more details, including the program. To view current or upcoming meetings, please use the appropriate link in the Conferences menu to the left.

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Conference NameDatesConference Site
Adhesion, Science of Aug 15-19 New Hampton School
Aging, Biology of
Membrane and Cellular Regulation of Physiological Function During Aging
Feb 15-19 Ventura Beach Marriott
Analytical Chemistry Aug 8-12 New Hampton School
Angiotensin and Related Hormones
(currently known as "Angiotensin")
Molecular Mechanisms of Vasoactive Hormones
Feb 1-5 Casa Sirena Hotel
Animal Cells & Viruses
(currently known as "Molecular Cell Biology")
Jun 20-24 Tilton School
Atomic & Molecular Interactions
(currently known as "Molecular Interactions & Dynamics")
Aug 1-5 Plymouth State College
Bacterial Cell Surfaces Jul 4-8 Plymouth State College
Basement Membranes Jun 20-24 Plymouth State College
Bioanalytical Sensors Jun 13-17 Colby-Sawyer College
Bioelectrochemistry Aug 15-19 Plymouth State College
Bioengineering & Orthopedic Science
(currently known as "Musculoskeletal Biology & Bioengineering")
Aug 15-19 Proctor Academy
Biopolymers Jun 27 - Jul 1 Holderness School
(currently known as "Cancer Models & Mechanisms")
Genetic Determinant of Cancer: Etiology, Development and Phenotype
Aug 15-19 Salve Regina University
Catalysis Aug 1-5 Salve Regina University
Catecholamines Jul 25-29 Proctor Academy
Ceramics, Solid State Studies in Aug 15-19 Kimball Union Academy
Chemotherapy of AIDS Mar 14-18 Casa Sirena Hotel
Chemotherapy of Experimental & Clinical Cancer
(currently known as "Molecular Therapeutics of Cancer")
Jul 18-22 Colby-Sawyer College
Coatings & Films
Understanding Complex Systems
Aug 1-5 Proctor Academy
Composites Jan 11-15 Ventura Beach Marriott
Computational Chemistry Jul 4-8 Plymouth State College
Condensed Matter Physics
(currently known as "Soft Condensed Matter Physics")
Collective Dynamics of Nonequilibrium Systems
Jun 20-24 Brewster Academy
(currently known as "High Temperature Corrosion")
Jul 18-22 Colby-Sawyer College
Crystal Growth Jul 25-29 Colby-Sawyer College
Applied Epistemology: Models, Representations, Applications
Jan 18-22 Casa Sirena Hotel
Dielectric Phenomena Jul 25-29 Holderness School
Diffraction Methods in Molecular Biology
(currently known as "Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology")
Jul 18-22 Salve Regina University
Drug Carriers in Medicine & Biology Jul 11-15 Plymouth State College
Drug Metabolism Jul 18-22 Holderness School
(currently known as "Elastomers, Networks & Gels")
Jul 11-15 Colby-Sawyer College
Electrochemistry Jan 18-22 Ventura Beach Marriott
Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions Aug 8-12 Brewster Academy
Electron Spectroscopy Jul 18-22 Brewster Academy
Electron Transfer in Macromolecules Mar 7-11 Casa Sirena Hotel
Electronic Materials, Chemistry of Mar 7-11 Ventura Beach Marriott
Energetic Materials, Chemistry of
(currently known as "Energetic Materials")
Jun 27 - Jul 1 New Hampton School
Environmental Sciences: Water
Chemical Dynamics in Aquatic Systems
Jun 20-24 New Hampton School
Enzymes, Coenzymes & Metabolic Pathways Jul 4-8 Kimball Union Academy
Estuarine Processes
(currently known as "Coastal Ocean Circulation")
Regulatory Mechanisms
Feb 29 - Mar 4 Ventura Beach Marriott
Extrachromosomal Elements
(currently known as "Chromosome Dynamics")
Mitochondrial and Chloroplast Biogenesis
Jul 4-8 Proctor Academy
Foams Aug 8-12 Plymouth State College
Fractals Aug 8-12 Tilton School
Fuel Science
(currently known as "Hydrocarbon Resources")
Jul 4-8 New Hampton School
Fungal Metabolism
(currently known as "Cellular & Molecular Fungal Biology")
Jul 11-15 Plymouth State College
Glass Aug 1-5 Tilton School
Gravitational Effects on Living Systems
(currently known as "Mechanosensory Transduction")
Jul 4-8 Colby-Sawyer College
Hemostasis and Thrombosis
(currently known as "Hemostasis")
Jun 20-24 Proctor Academy
Heterocyclic Compounds Jul 11-15 New Hampton School
High Pressure, Research at Jun 27 - Jul 1 Kimball Union Academy
High Temperature Chemistry
(currently known as "High Temperature Materials, Processes & Diagnostics")
Jul 25-29 Plymouth State College
Hormone Action
(currently known as "Mechanisms of Hormone Action")
Aug 8-12 Kimball Union Academy
Immobilized Systems in Biotechnology
(currently known as "Biomolecular Recognition & Immobilization")
Aug 8-12 Holderness School
Immunochemistry & Immunobiology Jul 11-15 Proctor Academy
Inorganic Chemistry Aug 1-5 Brewster Academy
Interfaces, Chemistry at Jul 25-29 Kimball Union Academy
Ion Channels in Muscle and Other Excitable Membranes
(currently known as "Ion Channels")
Aug 1-5 Colby-Sawyer College
Isotopes, Chemistry & Physics of
(currently known as "Isotopes in Biological & Chemical Sciences")
Jun 27 - Jul 1 Tilton School
Lasers in Medicine & Biology Jul 11-15 Kimball Union Academy
Lipid Metabolism
(currently known as "Lipids, Molecular & Cellular Biology of")
Jun 20-24 Kimball Union Academy
Liquid Crystal Polymers Jul 11-15 Colby-Sawyer College
(currently known as "Lysosomes & Endocytosis")
Jun 27 - Jul 1 Plymouth State College
Macromolecular & Polyelectrolyte Solutions, Dynamics of
(currently known as "Colloidal, Macromolecular & Polyelectrolyte Solutions")
Feb 22-26 Casa Sirena Hotel
Magnetic Resonance in Biology & Medicine Jul 18-22 Tilton School
Mammalian Gametogenesis & Embryogenesis Jul 18-22 Plymouth State College
Marine Natural Products Feb 29 - Mar 4 Casa Sirena Hotel
Medicinal Chemistry Aug 1-5 Colby-Sawyer College
Metals in Biology Jan 25-29 Ventura Beach Marriott
Microalgal Products
Biochemistry and Genetic Engineering of Microalgal Products
Aug 22-26 Salve Regina University
Microbial Toxins & Pathogenesis
(currently known as "Microbial Toxins & Pathogenicity")
Aug 1-5 Plymouth State College
Microstructure Fabrication, Chemistry & Physics of
(currently known as "Nanostructure Fabrication")
Jul 11-15 Brewster Academy
Modeling of Flow in Permeable Media
(currently known as "Flow & Transport in Permeable Media")
Aug 15-19 Plymouth State College
Molecular Genetics Jul 25-29 Salve Regina University
Motile & Contractile Systems Jul 11-15 Tilton School
Multiphoton Processes Jun 13-17 Colby-Sawyer College
Muscle: Excitation-Contraction Coupling Jun 13-17 Plymouth State College
Mutagenesis Jun 20-24 Plymouth State College
Natural Products Jul 25-29 New Hampton School
Nondestructive Evaluation Aug 15-19 Colby-Sawyer College
Nuclear Chemistry Jun 20-24 Colby-Sawyer College
Nuclear Physics Jul 4-8 Tilton School
Nuclear Proteins, Chromatin Structure & Gene Regulation
(currently known as "Chromatin Structure & Function")
Jul 25-29 Tilton School
Nucleic Acids Jun 13-17 New Hampton School
Order and Disorder in Solids
(currently known as "Disorder in Materials")
Aug 15-19 Colby-Sawyer College
Organic Geochemistry Aug 15-19 Holderness School
Organic Reactions & Processes Jul 18-22 New Hampton School
Organic Thin Films Feb 15-19 Casa Sirena Hotel
Organometallic Chemistry Jun 27 - Jul 1 Salve Regina University
Oscillations & Dynamic Instabilities in Chemical Systems Jul 18-22 Plymouth State College
Particle-Solid Interactions Jul 11-15 Holderness School
Peptide Growth Factors
(currently known as "Growth Factors & Signalling")
Aug 8-12 Salve Regina University
Peptides, Chemistry & Biology of Feb 8-12 Ventura Beach Marriott
Periodontal Diseases Jun 27 - Jul 1 Plymouth State College
Photoconductivity and Related Phenomena Feb 22-26 Ventura Beach Marriott
Photonuclear Reactions Aug 8-12 Plymouth State College
Photosynthesis, Physico-Chemical Aspects of
(currently known as "Photosynthesis")
Jul 4-8 Holderness School
Physical Electrochemistry Aug 8-12 Colby-Sawyer College
Physical Metallurgy Jul 18-22 Kimball Union Academy
Plant & Fungal Cytoskeleton, Cellular and Molecular Biology of
(currently known as "Plant & Microbial Cytoskeleton")
Aug 8-12 Proctor Academy
Plant Molecular Biology Jun 13-17 Proctor Academy
Plant Senescence Jul 4-8 Colby-Sawyer College
Plasma Chemistry Aug 15-19 Tilton School
Polymer Physics Jul 18-22 Proctor Academy
Polymers (East)
(currently known as "Polymers")
Jun 27 - Jul 1 Colby-Sawyer College
Polymers (West)
(currently known as "Macromolecular Materials")
Jan 4-8 Ventura Beach Marriott
(currently known as "Prolactin & Growth Hormone Family")
Feb 8-12 Casa Sirena Hotel
Proteins Jun 20-24 Salve Regina University
Proteoglycans Jun 27 - Jul 1 Proctor Academy
Proteolytic Enzymes & Their Inhibitors Jun 13-17 Holderness School
Protons & Membrane Reactions Feb 1-5 Ventura Beach Marriott
Pyrrole Compounds, Chemistry & Biology of
(currently known as "Tetrapyrroles, Chemistry & Biology of")
Jul 25-29 Brewster Academy
Radiation Chemistry Jul 11-15 Salve Regina University
Radical Ions Jun 27 - Jul 1 Brewster Academy
Renewable Resources, Chemicals and Materials from Jul 25-29 Colby-Sawyer College
Reproductive Tract Biology Jul 4-8 Brewster Academy
Risk Assessment of Chemical Substances Jun 13-17 Brewster Academy
Second Messengers & Protein Phosphorylation
(currently known as "Phosphorylation & G-Protein Mediated Signaling Networks")
Jun 13-17 Kimball Union Academy
Sensory Transduction in Microorganisms Jan 25-29 Casa Sirena Hotel
Separation & Purification Aug 8-12 Colby-Sawyer College
Solid State Chemistry Jul 25-29 Plymouth State College
Statistics in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Aug 1-5 New Hampton School
Stereochemistry Jul 4-8 Salve Regina University
Superconducting Films Jan 11-15 Casa Sirena Hotel
Synthetic Membranes Jun 27 - Jul 1 Colby-Sawyer College
Theoretical Biology & Biomathematics Jun 13-17 Tilton School
Thermosetting Polymers
(currently known as "Thermosetting High-Performance Materials")
Jun 20-24 Colby-Sawyer College
Tribology Jun 20-24 Holderness School
Vascular Cell Biology Aug 1-5 Kimball Union Academy
Vibrational Spectroscopy Aug 15-19 Brewster Academy
Water & Aqueous Solutions, Chemistry and Physics of
(currently known as "Water & Aqueous Solutions")
Aug 1-5 Holderness School
Water & Solute Exchange in the Microvasculature, Physico-Chemical Aspects of
(currently known as "Water & Solute Exchange in the Microvasculature")
Jun 13-17 Plymouth State College
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