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The following meetings took place in 2010. The meeting list can be sorted by conference name, date, or location by clicking on the appropriate column heading. The list can also be narrowed down in different ways by selecting one of the tabs below. Click on a meeting name (where available) to view more details, including the program. To view current or upcoming meetings, please use the appropriate link in the Conferences menu to the left.

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Aging, Biology of
Determinants of Health-Span: From Cells to Humans
Aug 22-27 Les Diablerets Confe...
Aging, Biology of
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Aug 21-22 Les Diablerets Confe...
Molecular Basis for Action, Dysfunction and New Therapeutic Approaches
Feb 21-26 Ventura Beach Marriott
Antibody Biology & Engineering
From Basic Mechanisms to Antibody-Based Therapeutics
Mar 7-12 Ventura Beach Marriott
Atomic & Molecular Interactions
(currently known as "Molecular Interactions & Dynamics")
Jul 18-23 Colby-Sawyer College
Auditory System Jun 13-18 Colby-Sawyer College
Auditory System
Gordon Research Seminar
Jun 12-13 Colby-Sawyer College
Autophagy in Stress, Development & Disease Apr 25-30 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Bacterial Cell Surfaces Jun 27 - Jul 2 Colby-Sawyer College
Barriers of the CNS
Blood/Brain Interfaces in Health and Disease
Jun 20-25 Colby-Sawyer College
Barriers of the CNS
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Jun 19-20 Colby-Sawyer College
Bioanalytical Sensors Jun 20-25 Colby-Sawyer College
Bioanalytical Sensors
Gordon Research Seminar
Jun 19-20 Colby-Sawyer College
Biocatalysis Jul 11-16 Bryant University
The Complex Membrane in the Electric Field
Jul 11-16 University of New England
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Jul 10-11 University of New England
Biogenic Hydrocarbons & the Atmosphere May 23-28 Les Diablerets Confe...
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Gordon Research Seminar
Feb 4-7 Four Points Sheraton...
Biointerface Science Sep 5-10 Les Diablerets Confe...
Biology & Pathobiology of the Cornea
(currently known as "Cornea, Biology & Pathobiology of the")
Advances in Cornea, Conjunctiva, Meibomian and Lacrimal Gland Research
Mar 7-12 Four Points Sheraton...
Biology of Acute Respiratory Infection Mar 21-26 Four Points Sheraton...
Biomineralization Aug 15-20 Colby-Sawyer College
Biomolecular Interactions & Methods
Protein Interaction Dynamics: Theory Method & Practice
Jan 17-22 Hotel Galvez
Biomolecular Interactions & Methods
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Jan 16-17 Hotel Galvez
Bioorganic Chemistry Jun 13-18 Proctor Academy
From Folding and Function to Engineering and Design
Jun 6-11 Salve Regina University
Brain Energy Metabolism & Blood Flow Aug 22-27 Proctor Academy
Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms
New Concepts in Ca Compartments and Cardiac Signaling
Jun 6-11 Colby-Sawyer College
Carotenoids Jan 17-22 Ventura Beach Marriott
Catalysis Jun 27 - Jul 2 Colby-Sawyer College
Cell Biology of the Neuron Jun 27 - Jul 2 Waterville Valley
Cell Death Aug 22-27 Salve Regina University
Cellular & Molecular Fungal Biology Jun 13-18 Holderness School
Ceramics, Solid State Studies in
Fundamental Phenomena in Energy Applications
Aug 15-20 Colby-Sawyer College
Chemotactic Cytokines May 30 - Jun 4 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Chromatin Structure & Function Jul 25-30 Bryant University
Colloidal, Macromolecular & Polyelectrolyte Solutions
Dynamics in Complex Fluids and Solutions
Feb 21-26 Four Points Sheraton...
Toward the Development of Sustainable & Nanotechnology Inspired Multi-Functional Composites
Jan 17-22 Four Points Sheraton...
Computational Chemistry Aug 29 - Sep 3 Les Diablerets Confe...
Correlated Electron Systems Jun 13-18 Mount Holyoke College
Corrosion - Aqueous Jul 25-30 Colby-Sawyer College
Corrosion - Aqueous
Gordon Research Seminar
Corrosion Science - Progress in Experimentation and Modeling
Jul 24-25 Colby-Sawyer College
Craniofacial Morphogenesis & Tissue Regeneration Apr 11-16 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Craniofacial Morphogenesis & Tissue Regeneration
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Apr 10-11 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Crystal Engineering Jun 6-11 Waterville Valley
Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases
New Discoveries Relevant to Cell Function, Pathophysiology and Drug Discovery
Jun 13-18 Waterville Valley
Defects in Semiconductors Aug 8-13 Colby-Sawyer College
Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology Jul 18-23 Bates College
DNA Damage, Mutation & Cancer Mar 21-26 Ventura Beach Marriott
Drug Carriers in Medicine & Biology Aug 15-20 Waterville Valley
Drug Metabolism
After Forty Years of Inquiry: An Era of Engineered Enzymes and Individualized Drug Therapies
Jul 11-16 Holderness School
Electrochemistry Jan 10-15 Four Points Sheraton...
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Jan 9-10 Four Points Sheraton...
Electrodeposition Aug 1-6 Colby-Sawyer College
Electron Distribution & Chemical Bonding Jul 11-16 Mount Holyoke College
Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions
Electron Transfer Processes and Energy Conversion
Aug 8-13 Salve Regina University
Electronic Processes in Organic Materials Jul 25-30 Mount Holyoke College
Endothelial Cell Phenotypes in Health & Disease Aug 8-13 University of New England
Energetic Materials Jun 13-18 Tilton School
Environmental Bioinorganic Chemistry
Elements in the Environment, from Prokaryotes to People to Planets
Jun 13-18 Salve Regina University
Environmental Endocrine Disruptors May 30 - Jun 4 Les Diablerets Confe...
Environmental Sciences: Water Jun 20-25 Holderness School
Enzymes, Coenzymes & Metabolic Pathways
Mechanistic and Structural Characterization of Enzymes with Relevance to Biochemical Pathways and Novel Therapeutics
Jul 18-23 Waterville Valley
Fibroblast Growth Factors in Development & Disease Mar 14-19 Four Points Sheraton...
Flow & Transport in Permeable Media Jul 11-16 Bates College
Flow & Transport in Permeable Media
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Emerging Research Opportunities and Challenges in the Characterization and Simulation of Geological CO2 Storage
Jul 10-11 Bates College
Fuel Cells Aug 1-6 Bryant University
Genes & Behavior
Mar 14-19 Ventura Beach Marriott
Genes & Behavior
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Mar 13-14 Ventura Beach Marriott
Glycolipid & Sphingolipid Biology Feb 7-12 Ventura Beach Marriott
Granular & Granular-Fluid Flow
(currently known as "Granular Matter")
Jun 20-25 Colby College
Green Chemistry Jul 25-30 Davidson College
Hemostasis Jul 25-30 Waterville Valley
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Jul 24-25 Waterville Valley
Heterocyclic Compounds Jun 20-25 Salve Regina University
High Pressure, Research at Jun 27 - Jul 2 Holderness School
High Temperature Materials, Processes & Diagnostics
Discovery and Design of Materials for High-Temperature Applications
Jul 18-23 Colby College
High Throughput Chemistry & Chemical Biology Jun 20-25 Les Diablerets Confe...
Host-Parasite Interactions, Biology of Jun 27 - Jul 2 Salve Regina University
Immunochemistry & Immunobiology May 16-21 Les Diablerets Confe...
In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Jul 25-30 Proctor Academy
Industrial Ecology
From Analysis to Design
Jul 11-16 Colby-Sawyer College
Industrial Ecology
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Jul 10-11 Colby-Sawyer College
Inorganic Chemistry
Addressing World Challenges with Inorganic Chemistry
Jun 20-25 University of New England
Inorganic Chemistry
Gordon Research Seminar
Jun 19-20 University of New England
Intermediate Filaments Jun 20-25 Tilton School
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
Introducing Unfoldome and Unfoldomics
Jul 11-16 Davidson College
Ion Channels Jul 11-16 Tilton School
Iron-Sulfur Enzymes
(currently known as "Metallocofactors")
Jun 6-11 Colby-Sawyer College
Isotopes in Biological & Chemical Sciences
Isotopic Probes for Mechanisms in the Chemical and Life Sciences
Feb 14-19 Hotel Galvez
Lasers in Medicine & Biology Jul 25-30 Holderness School
Ligand Recognition & Molecular Gating May 16-21 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Lipoprotein Metabolism
Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism in Health and Disease
Jun 20-25 Waterville Valley
Lysosomes & Endocytosis Jun 20-25 Proctor Academy
Magnetic Nanostructures Aug 8-13 Bates College
Mammary Gland Biology Jun 6-11 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Marine Microbes
From Genes to Global Cycles
Jul 4-9 Tilton School
Marine Natural Products Feb 28 - Mar 5 Ventura Beach Marriott
Mechanical Systems in the Quantum Regime Mar 21-26 Hotel Galvez
Mechanisms of Epilepsy & Neuronal Synchronization
Dynamics, Development and Dysregulation
Aug 8-13 Colby College
Medicinal Chemistry Aug 8-13 Colby-Sawyer College
Meiosis Jun 13-18 Colby-Sawyer College
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Principles and Practice of Meiosis across Model Organisms
Jun 12-13 Colby-Sawyer College
Membrane Transport Proteins Aug 15-20 University of New England
Membranes: Materials & Processes
Improving Synthetic Membranes to Address Grand Challenges Facing Our Society
Jul 25-30 Colby-Sawyer College
Membranes: Materials & Processes
Gordon Research Seminar
Novel Concepts for Current Global Challenges
Jul 24-25 Colby-Sawyer College
Metabolic Basis of Ecology
(currently known as "Unifying Ecology Across Scales")
Metabolic Basis of Ecology and Evolution
Jul 18-23 University of New England
Metals in Biology Jan 31 - Feb 5 Four Points Sheraton...
Metals in Medicine
Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry
Jun 27 - Jul 2 Proctor Academy
Microbial Stress Response Jul 18-23 Mount Holyoke College
Microbial Toxins & Pathogenicity Jul 11-16 Waterville Valley
Microbial Toxins & Pathogenicity
Gordon Research Seminar
Molecular Mechanisms in Pathogenesis and Host-Microbe Interactions
Jul 10-11 Waterville Valley
Mitochondria & Chloroplasts Jul 11-16 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Mitochondria & Chloroplasts
Gordon Research Seminar
Partnerships that Led to Eukaryotic Life
Jul 10-11 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Molecular & Cellular Neurobiology Jun 6-11 The Hong Kong Univer...
Molecular Basis of Microbial One-Carbon Metabolism Aug 1-6 Bates College
Molecular Mechanisms in Lymphatic Function & Disease
(currently known as "Lymphatics")
Jun 13-18 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Multiphoton Processes Jun 6-11 Tilton School
Musculoskeletal Biology & Bioengineering
Musculoskeletal Science: From Organism to Organelle
Aug 1-6 Proctor Academy
Consequences of Mutation and Repair for Human Disease
Aug 1-6 Colby College
Myelin Feb 14-19 Ventura Beach Marriott
Nanostructure Fabrication Jul 18-23 Tilton School
Natural Gas Hydrate Systems
Hydrate-Sediment-Fluid Interactions at Pore to Regional Scale
Jun 6-11 Colby College
Natural Products Jul 25-30 Tilton School
Neural Development Aug 15-20 Salve Regina University
Neurobiology of Cognition Aug 1-6 Waterville Valley
New Antibacterial Discovery & Development Mar 14-19 Hotel Galvez
Noble Metal Nanoparticles
Preparation, Modeling and Applications
Jun 20-25 Mount Holyoke College
NOX Family NADPH Oxidases
Towards Understanding Nox/Duox Function
Jun 6-11 Les Diablerets Confe...
Oceans & Human Health Jun 13-18 University of New England
Oceans & Human Health
Gordon Research Seminar
Jun 12-13 University of New England
Organic Geochemistry Aug 1-6 Holderness School
Organic Reactions & Processes Jul 18-23 Bryant University
Organometallic Chemistry
Fundamental Advances and New Applications
Jul 11-16 Salve Regina University
Organometallic Chemistry
Gordon Research Seminar
Jul 10-11 Salve Regina University
Origin of Life
(currently known as "Origins of Life")
Jan 10-15 Hotel Galvez
Origin of Life
Gordon Research Seminar
(currently known as "Origins of Life")
Jan 9-10 Hotel Galvez
Oscillations & Dynamic Instabilities in Chemical Systems Jul 4-9 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Oxygen Radicals
Mechanisms that Underpin Redox Biology
Feb 7-12 Four Points Sheraton...
Peptides, Chemistry & Biology of Feb 28 - Mar 5 Four Points Sheraton...
Phosphorylation & G-Protein Mediated Signaling Networks Jun 6-11 University of New England
Photoions, Photoionization & Photodetachment
(currently known as "Photoionization & Photodetachment")
Jan 31 - Feb 5 Hotel Galvez
Photonuclear Reactions Aug 1-6 Tilton School
Photosensory Receptors & Signal Transduction Apr 18-23 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Photosensory Receptors & Signal Transduction
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Apr 17-18 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Physics Research & Education
Experimental Research and Labs in Physics Education
Jun 6-11 Mount Holyoke College
Pineal Cell Biology
Mechanisms of Circadian Rhythmicity and Melatonin Action
Feb 7-12 Hotel Galvez
Plant & Microbial Cytoskeleton
The Machinery Driving Motion and Structure in Cells
Aug 8-13 Proctor Academy
Plant Molecular Biology Jul 18-23 Holderness School
Plant-Herbivore Interaction Feb 21-26 Hotel Galvez
Plasma Processing Science
Plasma Processing Science and Societal Grand Challenges
Jul 11-16 Colby-Sawyer College
Plasma Processing Science
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Plasma in Nanomaterials, Plasma in Biology/Medicine, and the Analysis of Plasmas
Jul 10-11 Colby-Sawyer College
Plasminogen Activation & Extracellular Proteolysis Feb 14-19 Four Points Sheraton...
Plasminogen Activation & Extracellular Proteolysis
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Extracellular Proteases and Their Regulation: New Functions in Development and Disease
Feb 13-14 Four Points Sheraton...
(currently known as "Plasmonics & Nanophotonics")
The Science and Engineering of Nanoscale Optics
Jun 13-18 Colby College
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
(currently known as "Plasmonics & Nanophotonics")
The Science and Engineering of Nanoscale Optics
Jun 12-13 Colby College
Polymer Physics Jun 27 - Jul 2 Mount Holyoke College
Postharvest Physiology
Postharvest Quality and Sustainability: Genomics to Consumer Experience
Jun 27 - Jul 2 Tilton School
Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation, The Biology of
(currently known as "Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation")
Jul 18-23 Salve Regina University
Proprotein Processing, Trafficking & Secretion
(currently known as "Protein Processing, Trafficking & Secretion")
Latest Insights into Molecular Mechanisms, Disease and Therapeutic Applications
Jul 18-23 Colby-Sawyer College
Protein Cofactors, Radicals & Quinones Jan 24-29 Four Points Sheraton...
Protein Folding Dynamics Jan 10-15 Ventura Beach Marriott
Protein Folding Dynamics
Gordon Research Seminar
Jan 9-10 Ventura Beach Marriott
Protein Transport Across Cell Membranes Mar 7-12 Hotel Galvez
Development, Disease and Therapeutics
Jul 11-16 Proctor Academy
Proteolytic Enzymes & Their Inhibitors
Proteolysis: The Most Important and Ubiquitous Post Translational Modification that Regulates Biology, Life and Death
May 2-7 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Radiation Chemistry
Radiation Driven Processes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Jul 18-23 Proctor Academy
Radiation Oncology
Translating Scientific Breakthroughs to the Radiation Oncology Patient
Jan 24-29 Hotel Galvez
Reproductive Tract Biology Aug 15-20 Proctor Academy
Rock Deformation
Transient and Transitional Behaviour in Rock Deformation: Moving Away from Steady-State
Aug 8-13 Tilton School
Salt & Water Stress in Plants
From Molecules to Crops
Jun 13-18 Les Diablerets Confe...
Science & Technology Policy Aug 8-13 Waterville Valley
Sensory Coding & the Natural Environment
Neurobiology and Behavior under Rich Stimulation
Jul 25-30 Bates College
Sensory Transduction in Microorganisms Jan 24-29 Ventura Beach Marriott
Signal Transduction by Engineered Extracellular Matrices Jun 27 - Jul 2 University of New England
Signal Transduction by Engineered Extracellular Matrices
Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar
Jun 26-27 University of New England
Signaling by Adhesion Receptors Jul 11-16 Colby College
Signaling by Adhesion Receptors
Gordon Research Seminar
New Directions in Cell Adhesion and Signaling
Jul 10-11 Colby College
Single Molecule Approaches to Biology Jun 27 - Jul 2 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Solid State Chemistry
Functional Materials by Design
Aug 1-6 Colby-Sawyer College
Spirochetes, Biology of Jan 31 - Feb 5 Ventura Beach Marriott
Stereochemistry Aug 1-6 Salve Regina University
Synaptic Transmission Jul 25-30 University of New England
Tetrapyrroles, Chemistry & Biology of Jul 25-30 Salve Regina University
Thin Film & Small Scale Mechanical Behavior Jul 25-30 Colby College
Thiol-Based Redox Regulation & Signaling May 9-14 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy Jun 20-25 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Transglutaminases in Human Disease Processes Jul 18-23 Davidson College
Challenges at the Buried Interface
Jun 27 - Jul 2 Colby College
Ultrafast Phenomena in Cooperative Systems Feb 28 - Mar 5 Hotel Galvez
Vibrational Spectroscopy
Probing Structure and Dynamics
Aug 1-6 University of New England
Visual System Development May 23-28 Renaissance Tuscany ...
Water & Aqueous Solutions Aug 8-13 Holderness School
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