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Applied & Environmental Microbiology
Gordon Research Conference


July 2-7, 1995


New Hampton School
New Hampton, NH


Joseph M. Suflita

Vice Chair:
Parmely H. Pritchard

Meeting Program

Microbial Evolution and Adaptation
R. Tanner, discussion leader

P. Foster, "Adaptive mutation in E. coli"
E. Stackenbrandt, "Molecular ecology: Quo vadis"
G. Petsko, "On the origin of enzymatic species"

Ecological Importance of Antimicrobials
A. Demain, discussion leader

M. Zasloff, "Antibiotics from animals"
F. O'Gara, "Molecular genetics and ecology for the biological control of phytopathogens by Pseudomanas

Microbial Cycling of Carbon and Trace Gases
M. Klug, discussion leader

R. Conrad, "Cycling of atmospheric trace gases by soil microbial processes"
H. Drake, "Acetogenesis: Physiological certainties"
R. Smith, "Methane cycling in an amictic antarctic lake"

Eucaryotic Biotransformations
J. Nakas, discussion leader

J. Bennett, "Mycotechnology: The fungal way to biotransformation"
L. Wolfe, "Contaminant metabolism by plants and plant products"

Issues in Marine Microbiology
A. Palmisano, discussion leader

J. Fuhrman, "Diversity of marine microbes"
S. Chisholm, "Cyanobacterial mediators of organic matter cycling in the ocean"
C. Cavanaugh, "Chemosynthetic bacteria-invertebrate symbiosis: Life at oxic/anoxic interfaces"

Gastrointestinal Tract Microbiology and Ecology
J. Robinson, discussion leader

A. Saylers, "Genetic interactions in the G. I. tract"
C. Cerniglia, "Current status on the importance of intestinal microflora in the metabolism of xenobiotics"

Novel Biotransformations and Bioconversions
H. Pritchard, discussion leader

L. Y. Young, "Novel anearobic processes for degradation of pollutant chemicals"
D. Gibson, "New insights on the bioconversion of contaminants by oxygenases"
H. Sethunathan, "Microbial degradation of pesticides in tropical rice soils"

Special Lecture
J. Cooney, discussion leader

A. Zehnder, "Hello microbes. Where are you?"

Microbes, Metals, Messages and Surfaces
J. Bauld, discussion leader

S. Molin, "Physiology of microbial surface communities"
T. Beveridge, "The binding of metals and the production of fine-grained minerals on microbial surfaces"
J. Gundersen, "In situ measurements of oxygen dynamics in deep-sea sediments"
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