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Cell Proliferation, Molecular & Genetic Basis of
Gordon Research Conference

Note: This conference is currently known as "Cell Growth & Proliferation".


July 9-14, 1995


Kimball Union Academy
Meriden, NH


Robert N. Eisenman

Meeting Program

Signal Transduction I
John Blenis, discussion leader

J. Cooper, S. Courtneidge, C. Marshall

Signal Transduction II
Ben Neel, discussion leader

J. Ihle, N. Tonks, M. F. White

Cell Cycle I
Chuck Sherr, discussion leader

N. Dyson, TBA

Cell Cycle II
Joe Nevins, discussion leader

M. J. Farnham, H. Piwnica-Worms, A. Murray

Oncogenes and Cancer
Inder Verma, discussion leader

J. Folkman, O. Witte

Growth Suppressors and Cell Death
Joan Massague, discussion leader

T. Jacks, L. Lau, TBA

Extracellular Matrix and Cytoskeletal Architecture
Elaine Fuchs, discussion leader

T. Parsons, TBA

Differentiation and Development
Lorraine Gudas, discussion leader

D. Kaplan, E. N. Olson, P. Soriano
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