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Microbial Population Biology
Gordon Research Conference


July 16-21, 1995


Plymouth State College
Plymouth, NH


Daniel E. Dykhuizen

Meeting Program

Ecological Causes of Selection
Lin Chao, session chair

Judy Mongold, "Adaption, chance and history in evolution"
Julian Adams, "Evolution of niche diversication"
Tony Dean, "Selection in variable environments"

Ecological Dynamics
Al Bennett, session chair

Sharon Lawlor, "Population dynamics and population structure in microcosms"
Paul Rainey, "Ecological partitioning in shaking and non-shaking structures of Escherichia coli"

Population Structure, Clonality and Recombination, Part 1
Peg Riley, session chair

Fred Cohan, "Recombination and speciation in bacteria
Howard Ochman, "Islands of pathenogenesis"
Tom Whittam, "Linkage disequilibrium and geographical partitioning in Escherichia coli"

Population Structure, Clonality and Recombination, Part 2
Dave Guttmann, session chair

Brian Spratt, "Ecological separation and genetic isolation of Neisseria species"
Kim Nelson, "Evidence for selective sweeps and species structure in E. coli and Salmonella"

Evolutionary Aspects of Mutation
Rich Lenski, session chair

Pat Foster, "Adaptive mutations"
Susan Rosenberg, "Molecular bases of adaptive mutagenesis"
Paul Sniegowski, "Evoliution of mutation rates and mechanisms: Proximate and ultimate controls"

How Many Species in Bacteria?
Allan Campbell, session chair

Vigdis Torsvik, "Over a million species per gram of soil"
Norm Pace, "Phylogeny, species definitions and 16s RNA"

Evolution of Virulence
Jim Bull, session chair

Paul Ewald, "Comparative approach to evolution of virulence"
Bruce Levin, "Population dynamics of bacterial infection and its control with antibiotics and phages"
Richard Moxon, "Molecular perspectives on evolution of virulence"

Darwinian Medicine and Posters
Conrad Istock, session chair

Poster discussants: Conrad Istock, Rosy Redfield, and ask group if anyone wants to point out a particular poster.

George Williams, "Darwinian medicine"

Genome Sequencing and Evolution

Ford Doolittle, "Genome sequencing of Sulfolobus"
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