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Plant Cell Walls
Gordon Research Conference


August 17-22, 1997


Tilton School
Tilton, NH


Andrew Staehelin


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Hercules Incorporated
Novartis Corporation
Department of Energy, Division of Energy Biosciences

Meeting Program

Sunday pm

Plasma Membrane - Cell Wall Interactions

Nicholas Carpita, Discussion Leader
  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Bruce Stone - "Plant cell walls and their components - an evolutionary perspective"
  • Nicholas Carpita - "A cell-wall protein from Allium species that binds to a heparin/fibrin binding domain of human fibronectin"
  • Bruce Kohorn - "Waks; essential cell wall proteins with tenascin, EGF, and cytoplasmic kinase domains"

Monday am

Cytokinesis and Cell Plate Formation

Andrew Staehelin, Discussion Leader
  • Peter Hepler - "Cytoskeletal activity during cytokinesis and cell plate formation"
  • Andrew Staehelin - "Experimental dissection of cell plate assembly"
  • Gerd Jürgens - "The role of the Arabidopsis KNOLLE protein in cytokinesis-specific intracellular trafficking"
  • Desh Pal Verma - "The role of phragmoplastin in targeting the Golgi vesicles to the cell plate"
  • Laurie Smith - "Spatial regulation of cell division and morphogenesis during maize leaf development"
  • Sara Ranck - "A brefeldin-sensitive process in prophase defines the future site of cell plate attachment during cytokinesis in Tradescantia stamen"

Monday pm

Cell Wall Expansion and Expansins

Daniel Cosgrove, Discussion Leader
  • Daniel Cosgrove - "New insights into expansin functions"
  • Hans Kende - "Expansins in rapidly elongating deepwater rice internodes"
  • Hans Edelman - "Growth and osmiophilic particles in coleoptiles"
  • Jocelyn Rose - "Ripening regulated expansins in tomato and other fruits"

Tuesday am

Biosynthesis of Beta-Glucans

Deborah Delmer, Discussion Leader
  • Inder Saxena - "Dissecting A. xylinum cellulose-like proteins from higher plants"
  • Deborah Delmer - "The celA genes of cotton and their potential role in cellulose synthesis"
  • Richard Williamson - "Cellulose biosynthesis and the RSW1 gene of Arabidopsis"
  • Chris Somerville/Sean Cutler - "The function of cellulose synthase-like genes from Arabidopsis"
  • Koichi Mizuno - "Cellulose synthesis of tubulin-containing granules from isolated plasma membranes of higher plant cells"
  • Enrico Cabib - "Regulation of cell wall synthesis in yeast"

Tuesday pm

Plant Cell Wall Polysaccharides in Paper

Rajai Atalla, Discussion Leader
  • Rajai Atalla - "From forest to the paper machine: The challenge of transforming the plant cell wall into a commercial product"
  • Hiroki Nanko - "Structure and formation of interfiber bonding in paper"
  • Tuyen Nguyen - "The use of polysaccharides as strength additives in the paper industry"
  • William Winter - "Topochemically modified polysaccharide nanoparticles"

Wednesday am

Structure-Property Relationships of Industrial Plant Polysaccharides

Joergen Soederberg, Discussion Leader
  • Joergen Soederberg - "Pectin applications: Structural changes for new physical property requirements"
  • James BeMiller - "Properties and applications of commercial plant cell wall polysaccharides"
  • Jean-François Thibeault - "Extrusion cooking of pectin-rich materials"
  • Robert Scavetta - "Structure of pentagalacturonic acid as bound by pectate lyase C"
  • Debra Mohnen - "Synthesis of the pectic polysaccharide homogalacturonan"
  • Maureen McCann - "Looking for pectin mutants"

Wednesday pm

Arabinogalactan Proteins

Allan Showalter, Discussion Leader
  • Anthony Bacic - "What is an arabinogalactan-protein?"
  • Allan Showalter - "Cloning and expression of a tomato arabinogalactan-protein"
  • Alice Cheung - "A pollen tube growth-promoting extracellular matrix glycoprotein"
  • James Cooper - "Expression of proline-rich proteins (PRPs) during root development in Medicago"

Thursday am

Structures and Interactions of Cell Wall Polysaccharides

Keith Roberts, Discussion Leader
  • Keith Roberts - "What holds a plant together? The dynamics of wall architecture, wall strength, and cell-cell adhesion"
  • Malcolm O’Neil - "RG-II, its interactions with boron and heavy metals in growing walls and wine"
  • Anne Mie Emons - "A dynamical mathematical model for plant cell wall deposition"
  • Mike Jarvis - "Internal structure of cellulose microfibrils from the cell walls of higher plants"
  • Gladys Cassab - "Aberrant cell walls of boron-deficient root nodules"
  • Christopher West - "Protein-cellulose interactions in the spore coat of the cellular slime mold Dictyostelium discoideum"

Thursday pm

Xylem Differentiation

Ronald Sederoff, Discussion Leader
  • Ronald Sederoff - "Unexpected variation in lignin of loblolly pine"
  • Candace Haigler - "Cellular determinants of secondary wall patterning in differentiating tracheary elements"
  • Björn Sundberg - "Auxin gradients and xylem development"
  • Ulrich Ryser - "Structural cell wall proteins in protoxylem development: evidence for a repair process mediated by a glycine-rich protein"
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