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Heterocyclic Compounds
Gordon Research Conference


June 28 - July 3, 1998


Salve Regina University
Newport, RI


Paul L. Ornstein

Vice Chair:
Joseph P. Konopelski

Meeting Program

Sunday, June 28

Discussion Leader: Joe Konopelski, UC - Santa Cruz
  • William Roush (University of Michigan) - Problems in Glycoside Chemistry: Progress Towards the Synthesis of Aureolic Acid Antitumor Antibiotics
  • Vincent Rocco (Eli Lilly) Palladium-Mediated Cross Coupling Reactions in Heterocyclic Construction

Monday, June 29

Discussion Leader: Lou Jungheim, Eli Lilly
  • Peter Jacobi (Dartmouth University) - Synthesis and Study of Biologically Important Tetrapyrroles
  • John Macor (Bristol Myers-Squibb) - A Tale of Two Receptors: Synthesis of Agonists for the Serotonergic and Cholinergic Families of Receptors
  • Edward Taylor (Princeton University) Multiple Inhibition of Folate-Dependent Enzymes--Discovery of an Exceptionally Promising Antitumor Agent
Discussion Leader: James Audia, Eli Lilly
  • Duane Burnett (Schering-Plough) - Design and Synthesis of Biochemical Tools for the Investigation of the Mechanism of Action of the ß-Lactam Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitor, Sch 58235
  • Joachim Schantl, University of Innsbruck - Azomethine Imines in Four- and Five-Membered Rings: Stable Cyclic Valence Isomers of an alpha-(Phenyldiazenyl)ketocarbene
  • Steven Burke (University of Wisconsin-Madison) - Conformational Engineering and Convergent Functionality: Applications to Synthetic Ionophores and Ion Channel Templates

Tuesday, June 30

Discussion Leader: Karen Romines, Pharmacia & Upjohn
  • Shuji Kanemasa (Kyushu University) - Interaction of 1,3-Dipoles with a Lewis Acid - The Case of Diazo Compounds
  • Ronald Ratcliffe (Merck) - Synthesis of a New Series of Carbapenem Antibiotics Active Against MRSA
  • Jacquelyn Gervay (University of Arizona) - Synthesis and Structural Studies of Novel Carbohydrate-Based Heterocycles
Discussion Leader: Paul GFeldman, Glaxo-Wellcome
  • Joel Hawkins (Pfizer) - New Asymmetric Aldol and Ortho Boration Chemistry for a Drug Candidate
  • Stephen Bergmeier (Ohio State University) - Intramolecular Cyclization Reactions of Aziridine Allysilanes
  • Michael Martinelli (Eli Lilly) - Synthetic Studies on the Anti-Tumor Agent Cryptophycin 52 (LY355703)

Wednesday, July 1

Discussion Leader: Joachim Schantl, University of Innsbruck
  • Michelle Weidner-Wells (R. W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute) - An Unexpected Reversal of Regioselectivity in the Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Nitrile Oxides with Tertiary Cinnamides and Crotonamides
  • David Van Vranken (University of California-Irvine) - Protein Aging: Clues for Organic Synthesis
  • Robert Batey (University of Toronto) - New Synthetic Approaches toward Pyrrolidine and Indolizidine Synthesis
  • Marco Ciufolini (Universit√© Claude Bernard, Lyon) - Synthetic Studies on Heterocyclic Natural Products
Discussion Leader: Kenneth Doxsee, University of Oregon
  • George Sheppard (Abbott) - Synthetic Approaches to a Novel Series of MMP Inhibitors
  • Partha Ray (University of Memphis) - Synthesis and Antitumor Properties of Pyrimidoazepine-Based Tetrahydrofolic Acid Derivatives
  • Philip Kocienski (University of Glasgow) - Synthesis of the Marine Antitumour Agents of the Pederin-Mycalamide Class

Thursday, July 2

Discussion Leader: Susan Tamura, Corvas
  • Russell Dushin (Wyeth-Ayerst) - A New Route to Enaminone Intermediates
  • Eric Edstrom (University of Montana) - Chemistry of Indole-3-triflates
  • Harry Finch (Glaxo-Wellcome) - A Natural Product Lead Into Strained [5,5]Bicyclic-trans-Lactones and -Lactams: Total Synthesis and Potential Applications
Discussion Leader: Dennis Hlasta, R.W. Johnson PRI
  • James Cook (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) - Enantiospecific Synthesis of Sarpajine and Ajmaline Alkaloids via the Asymmetric Pictet-Spengler Reaction
  • Joe Konopelski - Vice Chair's Remarks
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