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Applied & Environmental Microbiology
Gordon Research Conference


July 22-27, 2001


Connecticut College
New London, CT


Harold L. Drake

Vice Chair:
Judy D. Wall


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Meeting Program

Session 1Environmental & Applied Genomics
Discussion Leader: COLIN MURRELL, United Kingdom, University of Warwick
  • CLAIRE M. FRASER, USA, Institute for Genomic Research
    Microbial Genome Sequencing: Insights into Physiology and Evolution
  • PAUL RAINEY, United Kingdom, University of Oxford
    Functional Genomics of Environmentally Significant Bacteria: In Vivo Expression Technology
Session 2Cell-To-Cell Signaling & Multicellular Behavior
Discussion Leader: ANN M. STEVENS, USA, Virginia Tech
  • EVERETT P. GREENBERG, USA, University of Iowa College of Medicine
    Listening when Bacteria Are Talking: Acyl-Homoserine Lactone Quorum Sensing
  • BETH A. LAZAZZERA, USA, University of California at Los Angeles
    Peptide Signaling and the Regulation of Gene Expression in Bacillus Subtilis
  • DONALD A. MORRISON, USA, University of Illinois at Chicago
    Peptide Pheromones Regulate Streptococcal Genetic Transformation
  • BONNIE L. BASSLER, USA, Princeton University
    The LuxS Language of Inter-Species Communication in Bacteria
Session 3Emerging Technologies & Methods
Discussion Leader: GERARD MUYZER, The Netherlands, Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
  • DAVID A. STAHL, USA, University of Washington
    DNA Microarrays: A Technological Solution to the Study of Complex Microbial Systems?
  • STEFAN RADAJEWSKI, United Kingdom, University of Warwick
    Molecular Analysis of In Situ Structure-Function Relationships by Stable Isotope Probing
  • LUTGARDE RASKIN, USA, University of Illinois at Urbana
    Quantification of rRNA with Molecular Beacons and in Microfluidic Channels
Session 4Novel Metabolisms & Ecosystems
Discussion Leader: ELIZAVETA BONCH-OSMOLOVSKAYA, Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • LARS G. LJUNGDAHL, USA, University of Georgia
    Anaerobic Ruminal Fungi and Novel Evolutionary Aspects of Their Cellulases
  • ANTJE BOETIUS, Germany, Max-Planck-Institute for Marine Microbiology
    A Marine Microbial Consortium Mediating The Anaerobic Oxidation Of Methane
  • STEPHEN J. GIOVANNONI, USA, Oregon State University
    The Uncultured Microbial Majority: Who's on Top in the Oceans
  • ORTWIN MEYER, Germany, University of Bayreuth
    MIcrobial oxidation of CO and reduction of N2: looking into a crystal ball
Session 5Directed Evolution of Enzymes & Pathways
Discussion Leader: BECKY PARALES, USA, University of Iowa
  • WAYNE COCO, USA, Enchira Biotechnology Corporation
    Decision Points and Alternatives in DNA Shuffling
  • CLAUDIA SCHMIDT-DANNERT, USA, University of Minnesota
    Turning Microbial Cells into Chemical Factories by Molecular Breeding
  • MARC OSTERMEIER, USA, John Hopkins University
    Incremental Truncation Strategies for the Engineering of Protein Function
Session 6Symbiotic & Trophic Relationships
Discussion Leader: RALF CONRAD, Germany, Max-Planck-Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology
  • WILLIAM J. BROUGHTON, Switzerland, University of Geneva
    Molecular Basis of Rhizobial Symbiotic Promiscuity
  • NICOLE DUBILIER, Germany, Max-Planck-Institute for Marine Microbiology
    An Endosymbiotic Sulfur Cycle in a Marine Oligochaete Worm
  • MARTIN F. POLZ, USA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Ectosymbiotic Associations in Sulfidic Habitats
  • ABIGAIL SALYERS, USA, University of Illinois at Urbana
    Symbiosis: The Continuum that Unites Clinical and Environmental Sciences
Session 7Synthesis & Application of Novel Biopolymers
Discussion Leader: FRANK SKRALY, USA, Metabolix, Inc.
  • ALEXANDER STEINBÜCHEL, Germany, University of Münster
    Production and Commercialization of Novel Biopolymers by Microorganisms
  • JOANNE STUBBE, USA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Plastics and Peppers: Biodegradable Polymers with Properties of Thermoplastics
Session 8Microbes at the Oxic-Anoxic Interface
Discussion Leader: KIRSTEN KÜSEL, Germany, University of Bayreuth
  • JOHN BREZNAK, USA, Michigan State University
    Nitrogen Fixation by Termite Gut Spirochetes -- Between a Rock and a Hard Place?
  • JEROME J. KUKOR, USA, Rutgers University
    Biodegradation of Toxic Wastes under Suboxic Conditions
  • HERIBERT CYPIONKA, Germany, University of Oldenburg
    Tempting Poison: Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Oxic-Anoxic Gradients
  • DONALD M. KURTZ, USA, University of Georgia
    How Anaerobes Use Novel Non-Heme Iron Proteins to Cope with Oxidative Stress
Session 9Special Lecture
Discussion Leader: HAP PRITCHARD, Denmark, National Environmental Research Institute
  • NORMAN R. PACE, USA, Colorado University
    Under the Umbrella of the Big Tree: Microbial Biology into the 21st Century
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