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Microbial Population Biology
Gordon Research Conference


July 29 - August 3, 2001


Williams College
Williamstown, MA


Lin Chao

Vice Chair:
Siv G. E. Andersson

Meeting Program

Sunday, July 29, 2001
Microbial communities and societies
Discussion Leader: Sebastian Bonhoeffer
William Costerton Montana State University
Bacterial biofilms as integrated communities
Joan Strassmann Rice University
Social conflict in the social amoeba, Dictyostelium discoideum
Sebastian Bonhoeffer ETH Zurich
Cooperation and competition in the evolution of ATP-producing pathways
Bonnie Bassler Princeton University
How Bacteria Talk To Each Other: Regulation of Gene Expression by Quorum Sensing
Monday, July 30, 2001
Viral evolution I
Discussion Leader: Esteban Domingo
Mary Poss University of Montana
Feline immunodeficiency virus evolution as an indicator of population dynamics of wild felid hosts
Esteban Domingo Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Memory and extinction in viral quasispecies
Terry Hwa University of California San Diego
Molecular evolution and the statistics of regulatory DNA motifs
Christina Burch Princeton University
Increased environmental and mutational sensitivity with increased fitness in the bacteriophage phi6
John Yin University of Wisconsin
Probing genetic interactions in phage T7 by in silico mutagenesis
Mutational effects and evolution
Discussion Leader: Rosemary J. Redfield
Rosemary J. Redfield University of British Columbia
Putting sex in context; why bacteria take up DNA
Christian Schlotterer Veterinarmedizinische Universitat Wien
Tracing beneficial mutations in E. coli with a polymorphic microsatellite marker
Jeffrey H. Miller University of California, Los Angeles
Mutators in cell populations
Ivan Matic INSERM Faculte de Medecine-Necker
High incidence of strong inducible mutators among E. coli natural isolates
Tuesday, July 31, 2001
Ecology and evolution of infectious diseases
Discussion Leader: Bruce Levin
Bruce Levin Emory University
Mutation, evolution, and the within-host population dynamics of bacterial infections
Marc Lipsitch Harvard School of Public Health
The rise and fall of antimicrobial resistance: what determines how fast resistance changes following changes in the pattern of antimicrobial use?
Margaret Riley Yale University
Addressing resistance in antimicrobial design
Janis Antonovics University of Virginia
Ecology and evolution of sexually transmitted diseases
Microbial genetics and genomics
Discussion Leader: Howard Ochman
David Guttman University of Toronto
An in vivo screen for type III effector proteins in the phytopathogen pseudomonas syringae
Joseph Pogliano University of California, San Diego
Visualization of replication and partitioning of plasmid DNA during bacterial mitosis
Jonathan A. Eisen The Institute for Genomic Research
Microbial genome evolution and the benefits of phylogenomic analysis: or why all genome projects need an evolutionary biologist
Howard Ochman University of Arizona
Bacterial Genomics: Promise and prospects
Wednesday, August 1, 2001
Model systems: theory and experiments I
Discussion Leader: Michel Blot
Christopher Adami California Institute of Technology
Digital Organisms for Experimental Evolution
Vaughn Cooper University of Michigan
Adaptation, specialization and constraint in evolving E. coli populations
Michel Blot Universite J. Fourier
Multi-evidence for IS-borne genomic adaptation in E. coli
Anthony Dean University of Minnesota
Form, function and fitness: a molecular guide
Jeff Lawrence University of Pittsburg
Fishbait, unnatural death and the evolution of antigenic diversity in salmonella
Model systems: theory and experiments II
Discussion Leader: Daniel Dykhuizen
Stanislas Leibler Princeton University
Motility and chemotaxis of bacteria: theory and experiments
Jamie Gillooly University of New Mexico
Biological Time: Effects of mass and temperature on population growth in microbes and other organisms
Martin Ackermann University of Basel
Senescence and Life History Evolution in a Bacterium
Thursday, August 2, 2001
Viral Evolution II
Discussion Leader: Simon Wain-Hobson
Robin Bush University of California Irvine
Predicting influenza evolution
Igor Rouzine Tufts University
Crossover between stochastic and deterministic behavior of evolution: an analytic review and applications to virology
Minghsun Liu University of California, Los Angeles
Reverse transcriptase-mediated diversity in host-parasite interactions: tropism switching by bordetella bacteriophage
Simon Wain-Hobson Institut Pasteur
HIV and RNA viruses change more than they evolve
Keith Crandall Brigham Young University
The relationship between genetic diversity of HIV and disease progression towards AIDS
Microbial Eukaryotes
Discussion Leader: Michele Dubois
Michele Dubois Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
How are yeast chromosome ends protected?
Heather True-Krob The University of Chicago
Biological Significance of the Yeast Prion [PSI+]
Laura Landweber Princenton University
Evolution of gene scrambling and RNA editing in microbial eukaryotes
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