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Membranes: Materials and Processes
Gordon Research Conference


August 3-8, 1997


Proctor Academy
Andover, NH


Georges Belfort

Meeting Program

Sunday Evening (7:30-9:30)

Chair-facilitator: John Anderson, Carnegie Mellon U.
  1. Edward J. Kramer, Cornell U. - "Phase separation in thin films of isotropic polymer mixtures"
  2. Michael L. Greenfield, Ford Motor Co. - "Molecular simulation of gas permeation through polymeric materials"

Monday Morning (9:00-12:30)

Chair-facilitator: Clark Colton, MIT
  1. Mathias Ulbricht, GKSS - "Photografting functionalizations of porous polymer membranes"
  2. Pierre Aimar, CNRS - Toulouse - "The role of stability and of drag forces on coagulation of colloids at a membrane interface"
  3. Andrew L. Zydney, U. Delaware - "Protein separations using membrane filtration"

Monday Evening (7:30-9:30)

Chair-facilitator: Bill Koros, U. Texas - Austin
  1. Lloyd M. Robeson, Air Products & Chem. Inc. - "Group contribution methodology applied to predict permeability and permselectivity of aromatic polymers"
  2. Klaus-V. Peinemann, GKSS - "Composite membranes for gas separation- ultrathin coatings from glassy polymers"

Tuesday Morning (9:00-12:30)

Chair-facilitator: John Quinn, U. Pennsylvania
  1. John L. Anderson, Carnegie Mellon - "Gels in porous media: new separation devices"
  2. Steve L. Regen, Lehigh U. - "Perforated membranes"
  3. Michael D. Guiver, NRC Canada - "Polysulfone modification chemistry and potential applicability to membranes"

Tuesday Evening (7:30-9:30)

Chair-facilitator: Steve Matson, Arete Technologies
  1. Anthony G. Fane, U. NSW - "Non-invasive methods for characterizing membranes & membrane processes"
  2. Heiner Strathmann, Twente U. - "Mass transport limitations at mono- and bipolar membranes"
  3. William B. Krantz, U. Colorado - "Real time noninvasive techniques for studying membrane formation, compaction and fouling"

Wednesday Morning (9:00- 12:30)

Chair-facilitator: George Gavalas, Caltech
  1. Theodore T. Tsotsis USC - "Reactive separations using inorganic membranes"
  2. Yi Hua Ma, Worcester Polytechnic I. - "Inorganic membranes for partial oxidation of methane"
  3. C. Jeffrey Brinker, U. New Mexico - "Porosity engineering in silica membranes"

Wednesday Evening (7:30-9:30)

Chair-facilitator: Vinay Goel, Millipore
  1. Harry F. Ridgeway, OCWD - "Molecular modeling of organic adsorption interactions with polymer separation membranes"
  2. Uwe Hömmerich, RWTV - "Design and optimization of combined pervaporation/distillation processes for the production of MTBE"
  3. Mark M. Clark, U. Illinois - "Fouling of UF membranes in natural water filtration"

Thursday Morning (9:00-12:30)

Chair-facilitator: Gunnar Jonsson, Danish Tech. U.
  1. Christian Guizard, E.N.S. Chimie - "A general approach through colloid science of pore formation and mass transfer in ceramic membranes"
  2. Guilio Sarti, Bologna U. - "Solubilities of gases and vapors in glassy polymers: predictions and correlations based on the nelf model"
  3. Shintaro Furusaki, U. Tokyo - "Development of functional membranes by radiation-induced graft polymerization"

Thursday Evening (7:30-9:30)

Chair-facilitator: Georges Belfort
  1. Takeo Shimidzu, Kansai Research I. - "New membranes through electrons and photons"
  2. Erik Sackmann, T. U. Munchen - "Supported membranes and biofunctionalization"

Poster Sessions: (4:30-6:00 PM)

Chair-facilitator: Richard Noble, U. of Colorado
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