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GRC maintains a simple list of core principles that provides the
foundation for strong communities of scientists.


No Publication Policy

To encourage open communication, each member of a conference agrees that any information presented at a Gordon Research Conference or Gordon Research Seminar, whether in a formal talk, poster session, or discussion, is a private communication from the individual making the contribution and is presented with the restriction that such information is not for public use.  Prior to quoting or publishing any such information presented at a conference in any publication, written or electronic, written approval of the contributing member must first be obtained.  The audio or video recording of lectures by any means, the photography of slide or poster material, and printed or electronic quotes from papers, presentations and discussion at a conference without written consent of the contributing member is prohibited.  Scientific publications are not to be prepared as emanating from the conferences.  Authors are requested to omit references to the conferences in any publication, written or electronic.  These restrictions apply to each member of a conference and are intended to cover social networks, blogs, tweets or any other publication, distribution, communication or sharing of information presented or discussed at the conference.  Guests are not permitted to attend the conference lectures, or poster sessions.  Each member of a conference acknowledges and agrees to these restrictions when registration is accepted and as a condition of being permitted to attend a conference.  Although Gordon Research Conference staff will take reasonable steps to enforce the restrictions against recording and photographing conference presentations, each member of a conference assumes sole responsibility for the protection and preservation of any intellectual property rights in such member's contributions to a conference.


Scientific Research Misconduct Policy Policy

The mission of Gordon Research Conferences is to provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of frontier research in science. A fundamental premise of any such presentation or discussion is that the underlying research shall have been conducted in accordance with the highest standards of scientific integrity. If these ethical standards are not met, GRC and the community of scientists exploring that research are betrayed in their efforts to advance that scientific frontier. Although the GRC Board of Trustees does not believe that scientific research misconduct is an issue within any GRC community of scientists, prudence dictates that the Board proactively establish a policy designed to address such an unlikely event in order to assure each member of every GRC community that scientific research misconduct will not be tolerated.  To view our full Scientific Research Misconduct Policy, please click here.


Inappropriate Behavior Policy

GRC encourages open and honest intellectual debate as part of a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at every conference.  GRC asks each chair to foster rigorous analysis of all science presented or discussed in a manner respectful to all conferees.  To help maintain an open and respectful community of scientists, GRC does not tolerate illegal or inappropriate behavior at any conference site, including violations of applicable laws pertaining to sale or consumption of alcohol, destruction of property, or harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment.  GRC condemns inappropriate or suggestive acts or comments that demean another person by reason of his or her gender, gender identity or expression, race, religion, ethnicity, age or disability or that are unwelcome or offensive to other members of the community or their guests.  GRC reviews allegations of any such behavior on a case by case basis, and violations may result in cancellation of a conference or the prohibition on future attendance by particular individuals.  If you believe you have been subjected to or have otherwise experienced behavior at your GRC event that violates GRC’s Inappropriate Behavior Policy, please act promptly to report the issue so that steps may be taken to address the situation immediately.  There are multiple methods you may use to report your concern.  You may notify the chair or vice chair of the conference or seminar you are attending, each of whom has been requested to address the matter promptly or refer it back to the GRC main office.  If you are reluctant to speak with your chair or vice chair for any reason, you may notify the local GRC staff in the conference office at the site, each of whom has been instructed in a manner similar to the chairs and vice chairs, or you may notify Nancy Ryan Gray, GRC’s President and Chief Executive Officer, at the GRC main office by email or by telephone at (401) 783-4011.

GRC will use its best efforts to investigate complaints fairly, discreetly and completely.  We will make every reasonable effort to conduct a rapid inquiry, the results of which typically will be shared with both the individual reporting the issue and the individual(s) who has been accused of violating the Policy.  Reports requesting anonymity will be respected, although GRC reserves the right to notify appropriate law enforcement should the allegations be serious enough to warrant such notice.  It should be noted that GRC’s ability to investigate or address anonymous reports may be limited or otherwise affected by the need to balance concerns over privacy and fairness to all concerned.  Following completion of GRC’s inquiry, any action to be taken by GRC against the person accused of acting inappropriately will be determined by GRC in its sole discretion and may include a request for private or public apologies, discharge from the conference or seminar or restrictions on his or her future attendance.


Release of Liability

I understand that Gordon Research Conferences does not assume responsibility for medical or travel expenses of conferees and their guests at the conferences, unless a specific travel allocation is approved by a conference chair in advance.  I agree that, while traveling to and from, and participating in a conference and its related events, I am responsible for my own well-being and travel arrangements and must ensure that my guests and I are covered by our own travel and health insurance policies. I am aware there is a risk that I may experience possible serious personal injury or illness from defects in facilities, equipment, or food served at the conference, from adverse weather events occurring there, or from accidents while participating in or traveling to or from a conference.

I am also aware there is a risk that I may experience economic loss or property damage as a result of my travel to or from or participation in a conference, and that Gordon Research Conferences is not responsible for private possessions damaged, lost or stolen at a conference.

In exchange for the privilege of participating in a conference, I assume all such risks arising out of my participation and travel, and I also release, agree to indemnify, and hold harmless, Gordon Research Conferences, and its officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns from all claims and lawsuits arising out of such injury, illness, or damage. 


Privacy Policy

GRC is committed to protecting the privacy of its website visitors and conference attendees.  To view our full privacy policy, please click here.


Terms of Use

To view the full Terms and Conditions of Use for GRC's websites, please click here.

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