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Membranes: Materials and Processes
Gordon Research Conference


July 29 - August 3, 2000


Connecticut College
New London, CT


Richard D. Noble

Vice Chair:
Paul F. Bryan


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Meeting Program

Sunday Morning: Fundamentals
Discussion Leader: Tim Barbari, University of Maryland
  • Benny Freeman, North Carolina State University
    "A Fundamental Explanation of Permeability/Selectivity Tradeoff Rules in Membranes"
  • Pierre Aimar, Université Paul Sabatier
    "On the modeling of surface phenomena in cross-flow filtration of macromolecules and colloids: Role of the two-dimensional flow."
  • Lou Errede, 3M Corporation
    "The Use of Kinetics to Elucidate the Mechanisms of Adsorption, Permeation and Desorption involving Polymer Membranes"
Sunday Evening: Fundamentals
Discussion Leader: Sun-Tak Hwang, University of Cincinnati
  • Alan Greenberg, University of Colorado
    "Measurement of Membrane Phenomena Using Acoustic Techniques"
  • Yorem Cohen, UCLA
    "Surface Engineering for Membrane Design"
Monday Morning: Molecular Sieve Membranes
Discussion Leader: George Gavalas, California Institute of Technology
  • John Falconer, University of Colorado
    "Separations with Modified MFI Zeolite Membranes"
  • Shigeharu Morooka, Kyushu University
    "Separation of Gases Using Membranes with Controlled Pore Size and Affinity"
  • Hidetoshi Kita, Yamaguchi University
    "Membrane formation of zeolites that contain sodalite cages and their permeation properties"
Monday Afternoon: Poster Session

4-6 PM

Monday Evening: Inorganic Membranes
Discussion Leader: Doug Way, Colorado School of Mines
  • Michael Tsapatsis, University of Massachusetts
    "Molecular sieve membranes: Experiments and modeling of film growth and transport properties"
  • Sunil Jha, Mott Corporation
    "Sintered Porous Metal Microfiltration Media"
Tuesday Morning: Applications
Discussion Leader: Steve Matson, Arete Technologies
  • Joao Crespo, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
    "Selective Membrane Bioreactors: Process Development and Monitoring"
  • Peter Pintauro, Tulane University
    "Fabrication and Characterization of Polyphosphazene-Based Membranes for PEM Fuel Cells"
  • Anthony Sammells, Eltron Research
    "Current Performance of Eltron Syngas Membrane Reactor Technology"
Tuesday Evening: Modifications
Discussion Leader: Bill Koros, University of Texas
  • Ellen Fisher, Colorado State University
    "Plasma Modification of Polymeric Membranes"
  • Maria Coleman, University of Toledo
    "Ion Beam Modification of Structure and Transport Properties of Glassy Polymers"
Wednesday Morning: Novel Membranes
Discussion Leader: Bill Eykamp, Consultant
  • Takeo Yamaguchi, University of Tokyo
    "Fast Response Molecular Recognition Ion Gating Membrane"
  • T. Mark McCleskey, Los Alamos National Laboratories
    "High Flux, Ultra-thin Supported Membranes for Metal Ion Separations"
  • Eva Marand, Virginia Tech University
    "Novel Hybrid Polyimide-Silica Membranes for Gas Separation Applications"
Wednesday Evening:
  • James Davis, Whatman Inc.
    "Membranes and filters for DNA storage, purification and amplification - current technology, applications, and future direction."
Thursday Morning: Biomedical
Discussion Leader: Andrew Zydney, University of Delaware
  • Nicole Berrera, Circe Biomedical Inc.
    "Membrane Based Extracorporeal Bioartificial Liver"
  • Glenn Lipscomb, University of Toledo
    "Are Hemodialyzers Designed for Optimal Performance?"
  • Daniel Boggs, Baxter Healthcare
    "Modeling of Sieving and Integrity Testing of Membranes for Virus Removal"
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