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Tuberculosis Drug Discovery & Development
Gordon Research Conference

New Approaches, New Chemical Entities and New Targets for Tuberculosis Drugs


June 25-30, 2017


Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco
Lucca (Barga), Italy Site Information


Courtney C. Aldrich & Tanya Parish

Vice Chairs:
Luís L. Ballell & Helena I. Boshoff

Application Deadline

Applications for this meeting must be submitted by May 28, 2017. Please apply early, as some meetings become oversubscribed (full) before this deadline. If the meeting is oversubscribed, it will be stated here. Note: Applications for oversubscribed meetings will only be considered by the Conference Chair if more seats become available due to cancellations.

Meeting Description

The 2017 Conference on Tuberculosis Drug Discovery and Development will explore the entire process of drug discovery from clinical development of new drugs for tuberculosis (TB) to the underlying biology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis that impacts drug discovery efforts. The conference will address the unique challenges in TB drug discovery through discussion of clinical trial design, complimentary approaches to identification of lead compounds, vulnerable targets and pathways, host-directed therapies, and non-traditional approaches to TB prevention and treatment. We invite researchers interested in all aspects of drug discovery and development and welcome participants from academia, industry, government and non-governmental organizations. In particular, we invite trainees and scientists from TB-endemic countries to apply, as their contribution to the struggle against TB is especially important. All participants are asked to submit abstracts of their work for presentation as posters, and some abstracts will be chosen for oral presentations. The conference provides the opportunity to interact with colleagues in an informal and intimate atmosphere and is designed to promote extensive discussion. In the past, the meeting has been oversubscribed – please apply early!

Related Meeting

This GRC will be held in conjunction with the "Tuberculosis Drug Discovery & Development" Gordon Research Seminar (GRS). Those interested in attending both meetings must submit an application for the GRS in addition to an application for the GRC. Refer to the associated GRS program page for more information.


Preliminary Program

The topics and speakers for the conference sessions are displayed below (italics denote discussion leaders). The Conference Chair is currently developing their detailed program, which will include the complete meeting schedule, as well as the talk titles for all speakers. The detailed program will be available by February 25, 2017. Please check back for updates.

  • The Need for New Drugs Against Tuberculosis
    (Tanya Parish / Valerie Mizrahi / Graeme Meintjes)
  • Challenges in Clinical Trials and Biomarkers for Tuberculosis
    (Anna Upton / Gerhard Walzl / Debra Hanna / Gerry Davies / Bruce Thomas / Rada Savic)
  • Lead Optimization and Clinical Evaluation
    (Lluis Ballell-Pages / David Barros / Nader Fatouhi / Vadim Makarov)
  • Hit-to-Lead Optimization and Pharmacokinetics in Early Drug Discovery
    (Kelly Chibale / Jason Sello / Jeffrey Aube)
  • Natural Products in Antibacterial Discovery
    (Ronald Quinn / Fabian Gusovsky / Nathan Magarvey / Sean Brady)
  • Metabolism as a Target
    (Luiz Pedro Carvalho / Lindsay Eltis / Laura Kiessling / Adrie Steyn)
  • Promiscuous Targets, Drugs, and Hits
    (Kevin Pethe / Jonathan Baell / Anthony Baughn)
  • Host-Directed Therapies and Host-Pathogen Interactions
    (Gilla Kaplan / Robert Abramovitch / Priscille Brodin / Thomas Hawn)
  • Outside the Norm: Non-Traditional Approaches
    (Helena Boshoff / Nitin Baliga / Giulia Manina)
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